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Through a need for safe healthy spaces, connecting with community and a loving respect for art and music. Guests immediately feel the elevated vibrations of the environment and positive energy from the past decade of RTR loving customers, artists and performers. Our extensive menu features an international selection of teas as well as an Herbal Apothecary & Bump Bar (Tea Additions). We feature thoughtfully crafted healing herbal infusions as well as soul satisfying tea blends. Please join us and become part of the Tea Room’s story. 

Rebecca Goldschmidt started The Random Tea Room in 2008 with a desire for a healthier lifestyle and to build a stronger connection with her community. With a BFA in Sculpture, years working in art galleries, scenic shops and antique sales, Rebecca had a lot of experience helping others run their businesses but no prior knowledge of tea. During the renovation of the Tea Room she met her Tea Sensei who taught her the “Way of Tea.” Over the years, there has been an abundance of tea and herb knowledge shared by the staff and customers. The never ending journey of the leaf has created many connections within the tea community during which Rebecca and the Cha-Ren (Tea People) of RTR have gleaned a richly diverse tapestry of knowledge which they happily share with you. 

Our latest evolution involves providing our customers near and far with access to our wide variety of teas through a monthly tea subscription program that leads into a refillable tea station. It is our desire to support your daily tea ritual with knowledge, access and style and a nod to sustainability. With compostable bags, refillable tins and removable stickers, our aim is zero waste, the paper bags and used leaves are great for your compost pile and help to produce healthy plants and vegetables. In the end, we want to serve you tea, to serve your children tea and your grandchildren tea in a clean healthy environment that promotes art, music, freedom of thought, and positive energies. 

Our Team