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“Arriving backwards” Art opening tonight

Arriving backwards

The art on our walls has been cleared out like last seasons crops and made anew with the art of Goda Trakumaite. The tiny roots of  connections between RTR & Goda run like threads of mycelium through the layers of our existence. Stop by tonight or any time throughout the next 4 seasons to experience this evolving exhibit. Learn more below about Goda and then keep scrolling to meet Ambrose, they’ll be offering free tarot talks next friday.


Arriving Backwards: 13 years of drawings by Goda Trakumaite 

Opening reception Friday the 13th from 4-7pm

Goda Trakumaite is the upcoming RTR artist in residence and will be tending to her exhibit as one would a garden. The art show will change and grow on the tea room wall throughout the year. Stop by often to participate in its becoming! 

The first iteration of the show is titled "Arriving Backwards," and consists of a suite of pen and ink drawings made between 2010 and 2023.  

The drawings transcribe fragments of materially dense experiences onto a single plane. Personal ephemera, intimately observed architectures, the halls of the Albright-Knox museum on a free night, pages torn out of a damp issue of Cosmo (August 1978), the entirety of the year 2011, the brick wall along the dock on the Ohio river… 13 years flattened and all at once, with infinite omissions.

Inevitably inspired by sitting near water, Richard Scarry, Hollis Frampton, Aline Kominsky-Crumb and everything else she's ever seen, the drawings are produced with a meditatively stubborn insistence on filling the space. They are busy conjuring attention.

In conjunction with the exhibition, we will host a few workshop pop-up events over the seasons, covering topics at the germane intersections of art making and working with plants.