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AVO-Love, Posibili-Teas & new digs


My love is like a warm pile of compost.

It’s always there, slowly fermenting, awaiting the day it becomes part of something new and flawless. Contented at being forgotten during the off seasons, loneliness and boredom could never exist, even in thought, under the deep thick bed of fruit scraps and leftover rice. 

Volunteers pop up as if on cue to keep me company. I have had to learn that even though I love each volunteer, there are only so many that I can care for. I immediately pluck away the fuzzy tomato sprouts while saying out loud “Hey, you’z guys weren’t invited to this party!” Then I roll over and yawn right into the rock hard stone of an avocado pit, partially cracked open. Within its soily crevasse are trendrally bits just sneaking out the top and bottom, similar to the functions of a clam in the ocean. 

On my 44th birthday I dug up this AVO-Friend and sang it a “Birthday Avocado Song” then transported it to my new home. It is still alive! The only avocado transplant (of 5) that was successful! 

4 beautiful leaves have erupted from the stalk since arriving in its new home. Those 4 happy leaves are a source of energy for this old pile of compost. Knowing that all the seemingly unpleasant bits of life, if left to accumulate and process, are capable of creating something so pure and lovely as an avocado leaf.

And then I met Nicole from Ampersand Textile & Design.

It was at the West Craft Fest at the Rotunda, a soggy day 2 of the handmade holidays event. Luckily, we were inside and crammed next to each other sharing a total of 12 square feet between us (compost life, am I right?) There isn’t enough room on this screen to explain how much ancient knowledge resides in Nicole Duprée, so you’ll have to follow some links to find out. 

And our new friendship is on!

I invite Nichole to present her wares upon “ye, olde tea room pedestal”

& now I know that #AvocadoLove is already a thing. 

How could I love avocado’s any more, you might ask? 

Can you say Dusty Rose?

Nicole has created ink from the pits of Hass avocados and designed a Nature Craft Field Kit complete with every accessory needed to lovingly record all those fermented feelings. Dusty rose has also been used to infuse scraps of linen (Linen Love Diatribe to arrive in a later post.) I used these scraps, almost instinctively, to create a web-like cradle around the steel crate frame of the display fashioned with a loose and sloppy daisy chain knot, one of the few knots I remember learning as a volunteer on the Tall Ship Gazela.

The Avocado Love display is complete.... but .......we won't be open on Wednesday for that holiday-ish thing that is usually associated with February.  

Obvi, RTR is closed on Wednesday on the regular. 

But we also feel that our process of sharing the love that we've accumulated, fermented, processed and reinvented in every interaction and exchange is the most genuine love that we can offer.

Stop by on February 15th to acquire these dusty rose dreams, they'll be here through the end of the month.