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Tea-Granita at Honeyfest!


Suddenly, September swings us forward into the a new season, but the warmth will continue a bit longer. Just enough time to enjoy our latest offering Tea Granita! 

We'll be serving it up in Germantown tomorrow, details are below.


Join us this Saturday, September 16 from 10am-4pm to celebrate the honey bee.🐝

 The Honey Fest is pretty much our favorite festival of the year, talk about hive mind! The positive energy and connectedness that can be felt through the entire span of the garden is remarkable. Buzz on by the Wyck Rose Garden in Germantown to try our latest offering, Tea Granita (think water ice but with tea!) 

We will also be debuting our Blending with Intention “make your own” custom tea blending workshop. It’s a great way to learn about teas, local herbs and easily foraged ingredients. 

This is a family friendly and free to attend event, so please tell your bee loving buddies!


Closing Reception: The Fine Lines of Anastasia Alexandrin

The First Year Long RTR Artist Residence

What wonderful company we’ve had gracing our gallery wall this year! The characters that Anastasia creates through graphite pencil and ink are imbued with such a depth of character that their narrative erupts in your mind without warning.