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We’re an escape room!

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Are you looking forward to the slow down after the holidays? 

If you aren’t, I am enough for both of us! 

Alas, my plate is full for the foreseeable future in an unending effort to purify the RTR experience. You will find below an array of tea related delights, some you are familiar with: Gift Card options, a monthly Tea Subscription program, our gift sets that feature an array of  Compostable Trial Sized Bags paired thoughtfully with easy to choose options like Caffeine Free, Herbal, Light Tea, Dark Tea, Scented & Signature Blends as well as the Blending With Intention make your own  tea blending class. 

New to the lineup is an homage to our random curiousness via a custom made online escape room experience, a prelude to our  online store upgrade and Botanically Motivated Artist Workshops led by this years RTR artist in residence, Goda Trakumaite. So many options to assist in the slow down, if you don’t know how to self regulate your pace try introducing tea rituals into your practice. This simple addition can open a door to a slightly less frenetic existence. Until then, I’ll be happy to keep pausing as often as possible for you. 

Have a safe and happy closing of the holiday season and we very much look forward to assisting you in a moment of pause in your new year.


Becky, and the RTR team: Corinne, Lauren and Chloe.


Nothing but fun times over here at RTR, until you are trapped in our custom ESCAPE ROOM!!!!! Find the 3 clues scattered through our space to complete your escape mission. Above is just a taste of the tea room tailored storyline to peak your interests. I must say that the plot of the “escape” really embodies many facets of our humble tea rooms persona in such a way, that I can’t help but to feel seen, thank you @escapely for folding our special space into your Philadelphia focused clue solving adventure.