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Compostable Green Tea Bundle


It’s easy to be green with our Compostable Green Tea Gift Set. Tour the tastes of China and Japan without leaving the comfort of your home. Plus, our trial size bags come complete with brewing instructions, you're welcome.

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Bundle of 3 includes:


This classic blend of roasted brown rice and whole leaf Japanese green tea is reinvented with a dusting of verdant Matcha. The toasty, nutty flavor soothes the spirit in colder months and also makes for an invigorating iced beverage.

Gunpowder Green

Organic - Gunpowder green is a form of Chinese tea in which each leaf has been rolled into a small round pellet, this process helps the bold and slightly smoky tea to stay fresh longer. Our Organic Gunpowder is lovely on its own and carries well in a blend.

Gyokuro Asahina

From the Uji prefecture, Gyokuro means “Precious Dew Pearl” and is the highest grade of Japanese green leaf tea within the 3-tiered grading system. Special straw mats are spread over the tops of the tea plants toward the end of their growth to provide shade, which imparts the subtly sweet flavor for which Gyokuro has come to be revered. An especially verdant tea with a soft, delicate flavor, this tea is perfectly suited for an afternoon of reflection.

The Bundle of 6 includes the 3 previously  listed and:

Lung Ching

Organic – Also known as “Dragonwell”, Lung Ching is one of the most popular and famous of all the styles of Chinese Green Tea. The dry leaves appear to be little flat blades of grass and the flavor is reminiscent of chestnuts.

Pi Lo Chun

An incredible find from the venerated Fujian province, Pi Lo Chun translates into “Green Snail Spring” and is one of the highest forms of Chinese Green Tea. To smell the dried leaf of this tea is to inhale the first yawns of spring. Soft, delicate and slightly sweet with a characteristic note of yellow plum — this is a perfect tea to restore the spirit during late morning or afternoon.


Sencha is a large family of steamed Japanese Green Teas spanning every grade from coarse to sublime. Our House Sencha is a pleasant everyday tea that is vegetal and slightly sweet. This Sencha also makes a great iced tea during the warmer months and pairs marvelously with lemongrass, ginger and all citrus.

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