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Compostable Scented Tea Bundle


Scents can transport the spirit. Our naturally infused blends will whisk you away to a rose garden or take you deep in the woods to sit by a warming fire. Give the gift of sensory travel with our scented collection. Plus, our trial size bags come complete with brewing instructions, you're welcome.

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Bundle of 3 includes:

Phoenix Jasmine Pearls

The Queen of Jasmine. Each ball or “pearl” of tea buds is individually hand-rolled! The perfect touch of only the finest Jasmine essence will send your senses reeling. An ethereal delight.

Lapsang Souchong

A pine-smoked Chinese Black Tea. Despite its powerful flavor, Lapsang is lower in caffeine than other black teas.

Rose Congou Black

A delectable marriage of the floral and earthy. Ceylon Black tea is infused with rose essence and decorated with rose buds and petals resulting in a harmonious blend exhibiting flavors of tobacco, cedar and of course, rose. This blend can stand up to milk and sugar if desired.

The Bundle of 6 includes the 3 previously  listed and:

Earl Grey Royale

he house blended royale is scented with extra bergamot and comprised of whole leaf Indian black tea dusted with blue cornflowers for a high quality, intoxicating Earl Grey experience.

Tulsi Rose

Tulsi Rose is a trinity of green and purple leaf Tulsi, Rose petals and buds, a dusting of blue Cornflowers and an extra dose of Rose essence. This Ayurvedic blend will open your heart and soothe your stresses.

Bourbon Vanilla Honeybush

Honeybush is a “bush tea” from South Africa and is naturally caffeine-free with a sweet honey-like flavor. A nice source of calcium, our version is flavored with Bourbon vanilla and a dusting of golden calendula petals. Richly aromatic, it is a delight at any time of day, and can be enjoyed with or without milk or sugar.

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