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Dry Leaf
Liquor Hue

Dragonwell Lung Ching


Also known as Long Jing, this tea embodies a delightful, invigorating essence. Its leaves lie flat, exuding vibrancy and a subtle glossy sheen that signifies its premium quality. The aroma of the dry leaves evokes the imagery of spring grass with an undercurrent of chocolate.

Upon steeping, the leaves gracefully unfurl in the water, releasing scents reminiscent of springtime air, lemon zest, and caramelized peaches. As you savor the pale, straw-yellow infusion, your palate is initially embraced by gentle notes of honey and grass, which gradually evolve into the delightful flavors of lemon meringue and freshly picked peaches. The taste journey deepens further with hints of freshly cut grass, green beans, and crisp snap peas.

The tea's texture is exceptionally lush and effervescent, leaving you instantly revitalized with each sip. The grand finale of this tea experience leaves a lingering sweetness on your tongue, akin to the indulgence of mango lassi or the zesty burst of grapefruit. It imparts a vibrant and invigorating sensation, making it a perfect midday rejuvenation.

Image Note: 1/2” green square provided for scale

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